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Teach your students to slay their audience with Structure, Story, Substance and Style

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Quickly organize their thinking & structure their story

Students practice proven frameworks like MECE, SCQA, and the rule of 7 that dramatically improve the clarity of their thinking

Overcome the fear of presenting

Students learn techniques and develop mindsets and approaches that help conquer the anxiety of public speaking

Design a presentation that sizzles with style

Students learn general design rules and principles, not for design's sake, but to support the communication of their argument

Write a presentation that crackles with the pace of a good novel

Students improve recall and empathy with their argument through storytelling techniques

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Once all lessons are complete and the final test has been passed, the student becomes certified. Certification will help students communicate more coherently, help land more customers and accelerate their career.

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Business Presentation Mastery Package: Lesson Details

The Start

01: Our Presentation Development Process

An overview of the step-by-step process we teach to develop a business presentation

02: The Who

Techniques to identify and profile your presentation audience

03: The Why: Building Presentation Introductions

Why are we creating our presentation? What question in the mind of the audience are we answering?

04: The Why: Next Steps

Our objective. What happens after our presentation?

The Power of Logical Structure

05: Idea Generation

How to develop the ideas we need to answer our audience's question

06: What is Structure?

What is logical structure? And how do create a presentation that has it?

The Art of Storytelling

07: Using Stories in Presentations

How can we use stories to help convey our ideas?

08: Storyboards in Film

Overview of the use of storyboards in film

09: Storyboards in Presentations

Tips on how to use the principles of storyboarding to develop presentations

The Harmony of Design

10: Visual Perception & Communication

Understanding how people process information

11: Fundamental Elements of Design Overview

The basic structure of graphic design

12: Fundamental Elements of Design in Detail

Applying the fundamental graphical elements and principles of design to presentation design

13: Gestalt Principles of Visual Perception

Understanding key attributes that incline us to see objects in particular ways

14: Slide Composition

Practical guidance and tips for designing presentation slides

The Science of Fact-based Persuasion

15: Overview of Fact-based Persuasion

Facts. What are they good for and how to present them?

16: Tables versus Graphs

Understanding the nature of tables and graphs and when to use each

17: Basic Graphs

Introduction to basic graph types and a review of how to use them

18: Specialist Graphs

An introduction to some specialist business graph types and an overview of when and of how to use them

The Drama of Performance

19: Preparation and Practice

Tips and techniques for preparing and practicing the delivery of your presentation

20: Performance

Techniques to improve the delivery of your presentation and your confidence in public speaking

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