Presentation Tips: 10 Mistakes That Will Get You Fired or Ignored

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10 Startling Business Presentation Mistakes

Presentation Tips: 10 Business Presentation Mistakes That Will Get You Fired, Demoted or IgnoredThe vast majority of business presentations suck. We know this. Usually we blame bad PowerPoint. This article provides presentation tips on 10 mistakes we should avoid accidentally making. There’s lots of presentation tips out there meant to help us. But if you work in corporate America, I … Read More

Public Speaking Anxiety: 8 Steps to Conquer the Fear

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Controlling Public Speaking Anxiety

PUBLIC SPEAKING ANXIETY: 8 STEPS FOR CONTROLLING THE FEARIt often begins with butterflies. In the pit of your stomach. Then, your heart begins to race. Your head starts to swim. Your palms start to sweat. Not the first-blush of love. Not the excruciating climb to the top of a roller-coaster. The fear of public speaking. Public speaking anxiety. For near … Read More

Bad PowerPoint: In Defense of PowerPoint Presentations

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A Defense of PowerPoint Presentations

PowerPoint has a bad rep. In some quarters it is hated (there is a political party working to ban it in Switzerland).
As business presentation creators we can’t lay our presentation failures at the feet of PowerPoint. We commonly make three crucial mistakes that ruin our business presentations.